Sharp Words

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The blue eyed mask dropped

And it is clear

So clear to see the series of events

Played it well, flawless performance

Convinced it was a victim standing right before me

But not so much of a victim, huh?

Say you got scars

Never doubted it

Could have learned from them

And ascended them

Tell me,

How badly did they bleed before turning into scar tissue?

Can you remember?

Remember how the lies you heard messed up your spirit

It hurt, didn’t it?

To be taken for granted

To be discarded like nothing

So what do you do?

Repeat it

Sweet words

Brought down all defenses

You walked in

Truth was still well hidden

Took what was needed and left a trail of dirt on the way out

Don’t remember what the wounds inflicted upon you did to you?

Shall I invite you one last time, so you can see it for yourself?

So here goes my plea

Why come to my world after yours has been wrecked by fake personas?

Doing the same toward my soul

To feed off someone’s energy?

A distraction?

An easy achievement?

Self sabotage?

Your shadows must know the answer

Did this play pretend character swallow the real one?

Fate drew one single card for this whole cycle

And there it was, laying on the floor all along

I flipped the card

The Tower

Rebuild yourselves

The foundation built before was fragile and false

Time to face the truth

Hold myself responsible to grow

And for that I must be grateful.

Nida 𝔅.

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