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Where do you end?

Where do you start?

I do not know where I end

I do not know where I start

Can you comprehend me?

As your eyes try to adjust

An illusion, it’s all what it is

It is moving

It is also static.

It knows so little about life

It knows more than what the eyes can tell

It is joyful

It also craves for the escape it was never given the permission to give into.

It smiles

When it hurts, it also smiles

Is it coming

Or is it going?

Where is it going though?

What does it want?

It wants what it wants

It wants what it wants not

It listens to what comes from within

It listens to what should not be

Oh spiral

They want you to be certain and clear

They know nothing of my nature

When you see me spinning

You see my torment

When you see me static

You see my mind pondering

When you see the petals of a flower

You see my core essence

I’m both clarity and confusion

I’m both happiness and pain

I’m both love and fear

I’m both light and shadow

I’m both pixels and reality

I’m spiral

I do not end nor do I start.

Nida 𝔅.

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