The Doom Sisters

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– I’m hungry – Nialla said, pacing back and forth fuming – It’s taking too long. I told you it wouldn’t work! They are not this dumb to fall for that – with fidgeting hands she kept shooking her head in disbelief.

Naz chuckled in delight. Seeing Nialla growing furiously impatient was as thrilling as setting up an ambush. Nialla’s rage would always make everything more interesting.

Nialla was ready to wipe that smirk off of Naz’s face, who was sitting by a window – half covered with dirty curtains. Frizzy red hair framed the witch’s face of curseful intentions. She meticulously played with a plain white bone.

– I find it so amusing, you still underestimate the villager’s stupidity – Naz said as she stood up still facing the window.

She continued.

– Small minded creatures ruled by fear and greed. Rumors spreading into the village infect their minds like a plague and it’s all we need to lure them near the right spot – she turned to face Nialla – They never learn.

Naz took a few steps towards the pot, – boiling in the middle of the old hut – raised her arm over the pot and dropped the bone inside the silver-white liquid, while Nialla observed her every movement.

– You didn’t do what I’m thinking you just did right? – Nialla shifted her gaze from the pot to Naz with one abrupt head motion – you could have set the trap spell before!

Naz simply turned her head to the side and grinned back at Nialla

– I wanted to see how near they would come without any of my interventions. Besides, It’s fun – she tidied up the volumous skirt made of shredded pieces of black cloth – Ready to welcome our new guests?

In an instant, the crunch of leaves and snap of dead branches came from outside of the Witches hut. Their smell filled Nialla’s nostrils, leading her into a frenzy.

– Tonight they meet their Judgement day… – Nialla said, the last words nearly inaudible. With trembling hands, she removed the strips of black fabric wrapped around her hands, revealing what was once soft skin. Now all there was left, burn scars and thick skin.

The young witch gestured a hand sign and took a wraithlike form, fading then into the shadows of the forest. Under the glooming light of a full moon, Naz was crouched on top of the hut watching her sister do the honors.

Question and defy always.

Nida 𝔅. 🖤

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