Dull Eyes

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Do you like what you see? – the three voices coming from inside the mirror said all together.

– Yes – she said.

– Is that your final answer? – the mirror’s soft spoken voice insisted.

– Yes. I like what I see.

– You lie better than this, when you’re lying to yourself. Your eyes don’t lie – an eld sounding, throaty voice said.

– You know we do not spare liars here – a sharp voice said.

– It’s not entirely a lie. But yes, you are right. My eyes can’t hide it – she said.

– This means you’re not looking at your true self yet. We’re not letting you pass then – the throaty voice in the mirror said.

– I’m close to achieving that.

– Not while you fear what you see in your eyes.

– It’ll hurt the others – she said in a monotonous way.

– They did it first, they used you first – soothing voice pleaded.

– They took your pride from your hands and you did nothing – sharp voice muttered as if with clenched teeth.

She paused and remained silent. Staring at the mirror with an unreadable face. Not a sign of any emotion a normal human being could decipher.

– I won’t release it – her head partly faced down. Motionless as a rock, she switched her gaze back to the mirror with one slow motion blink of an eye.

– You must – the three voices said simultaneously. The sweet voice cried, while the sharp one demanded and the throaty voice prophesied.

– I refuse to use it.

The dark haired woman slightly raised her chin up as she took a deep breath.

– Well done. You become one of us then.

Black fumes creeped from the middle of the mirror, moving towards the woman kneeling before the mirror. Three hands of smoke menaced around her neck, with its long fingers tightening around her neck and pulling her into the mirror.

Nida 𝔅. 🖤

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