Fated Opposites

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No! Don’t come any closer! – she thundered hysterically.

– Do you want to die?! Just hold my hand! – he said, even louder and reaching out his hand the furthest possible.

– Why? So you can let them burn me at the stake then?

– No, that’s not why I’m here, and I know that’s not the reason you’re running away, Sidra!

– Then, why are you here? I don’t need your help, go away! – she demanded as tears rolled down her face.

The dark running waters roared louder as the river currents tested how much longer Sidra could keep clutched onto the rock. Her fingers and arms grew weaker, and the sound of the rushing water flowing aggressively drove her heart to pound hopelessly as if in that instant, death itself spoke to her through the rage of nature.

Sidra lost the grip, her fingertips desperately scratched the slippery rock as the river stream challenged to sweep her away once and for all. Water overcame her and a split second underneath it lasted an eternity, when a sharp pain, much like shackles crushing her wrist bone, pulled her out of water to the safety of a rock, big enough for one person to stand.

Seth pulled her close to him, too close. At that moment, he cared about nothing else. One arm locked around her waist, preventing her every attempt of moving away from him as she fought to cough the water out and regain her breath.

He squeezed her hand gently and firmly, magic jolted through their bodies, the energy of water and fire clashing within their veins. Their eyes met and for a long moment they only had to dive deep into each other’s eyes to communicate what has been never been said.

– Sidra… I came to give you this, it belongs to you – he broke the silence and handed her a necklace. A leather thread with a crystal key on it, as red as her unhuman red eyes.

– I… I have been searching for this my entire life… – she looked back at him with eyes wide open.

– It found you, are you ready now? – Seth said, with the same smile she saw when he laid eyes on her for the first time.

The random words of inspiration for this were: “witch”, “squeezed the hand”, “flooded river”.

Nida 𝔅. 🖤 

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