Nefarious Path

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Pierce of daggers

Daggers of witchery

Tainted by the enemy’s blood

Corrupt intruder

With its lack of permission

To enter the realm of sleeping crystals

Crystalline sanctuary

Shattered in defamation

Burned down to humiliation

Dignity ripped apart

Protection spells broken down to nakedness

Love snatched away

Left to breathe the crescent flames

The lifeless crystal

Yet a crystal

Not a mere phoenix

Undying formation

Pulses rays of vitality

Underneath the ashes of fright

Wields the daggers of fate

Serving soul justice

Spilling the mortal blood of its nemesis

She makes fertile ground

Humming the final chant

The dark influences are banished

Restoring what was long broken

And awakening what long rested in deep sleep.

Nida 𝔅. 🖤

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