Please, I Want To Say “Farewell, Ms. Bitter”

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Ms Bitter comes back

With its wrinkled pale skin and haunting aura

Ms Bitter pays me a visit every now and then

This time, to remind me the first day we met

Ms Bitter shows me a vivid image, on the scrying waters of her cauldron

I see two young girls – apparently under 10 years old.

A blonde girl and a brunette girl are in a plain white classroom

They are walking towards the classrom’s door, for a break

I see the blonde girl leading the way, while the brunette one follows behind her.

As the blonde girl passes by her backpack and belongings

I see that she throws her own snackbag on the floor quite aggressively

The brunette girl then stops and looks at her

As the blonde girl turns around and points at the other girl, and screams loudly

Accusing the brunette one of having done it

The blonde girl starts crying and screaming so that the whole classroom starts looking at them

Now I see that she demands the brunette girl to pick up her bag or else

The other girl seems confused, and tries to say no, but the blonde one goes hysterical

I see the brunette then picking up the bag and putting it back

She apologizes

The blonde girl snaps out of her hysterical state and laughs, looking satisfied…

The image slowly fades away and the water turns jet black again

Ms Bitter proceeds telling me her spirit will continue to visit me

As long as I keep lacking

Lacking for myself

As long as I keep choosing to be the brunette girl of the vision

“Lack of self love and pleasing others to avoid rejection at all costs will get you in trouble again” she warns.

Nida 𝔅. 🖤


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