Kira, The Vicious Rabbit

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This scroll is about a rabbit who lives in the jungle. According to my vast knowledge about the beasts from the jungles of Ruticar, this rabbit is without a doubt, the evilest creature I have ever seen in the thousands of adventures I’ve been.

Every creature in Ruticar fears the mad grey rabbit. It is only after seeing what the blood thirsty rabbit is capable of, because the rabbit’s appearance can seriously fool anyone who dares to enter its domain. It is impressive how such cute and furry animal can inflict fear in a matter of seconds, even on the largest animals living in the jungle.

The bones of his victims are displayed in a way to build up suspense in his victims, and I believe the vicious rabbit enjoys to make them as trophies too. Another method used to mark his territory, is to spread its smell all around. The smell of… well, I’m sure you can imagine. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and regretfully, I’ve smelled the strong stench of urine, along with piles and more piles of tiny round poop balls strategically left all around the perimeter of his domain – not a pleasant view to witness if I may say.

In my past researches, I noted a peculiar behavior. The rabbit had a strange habit of waking up its master – a very old wizard and practitioner of the underworld magic – at exactly the same hour, early in the morning. The old wizard was of course the only one who could tame the furry beast, but the wizard passed away after performing a spell, the spell went terribly wrong turning the wizard into a moth. Unfortunately, the rabbit went mad with the passing of his master.

Kira never left the jungle and will probably live for centuries, so if anyone finds by accident its lair, be sure to be as quiet as you can and step away. And I must warn you now! never ever turn your back to the mad rabbit as you flee! Also, please do not make the mistake of calling it a rat, it would mean one’s end.

Use this scroll wisely while traveling through the jungles of Ruticar.

Note: Featuring Kira, my bunny. He still bites the dog, who is three times bigger than him.

Nida 𝔅. 🖤

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