When Time Stopped

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Things were not really working out in life. And discussing a difficult situation was my Achilles’ heel, simply because hinding my sensitivity was a task I would fail quite often. It tends to betray me by expressing itself into tears.

On that day, I shut myself in the bathroom, I sat down and I cried.

“All you do is cry” the voices said and yes, at that point I could only agree with them.

The day was sunny and warm, a hue of blue I would normally love to stare at. The birds sang busily, like it was a beautiful day to spend outside. But in the bathroom my interior only grew uglier and colorless, as my doubts and fears spoke to me.

In the bathroom, I watched the mocking drops of water drip from the shower, as tears ran down. “Time is running out”. The inner voices echoed again as each drop hit the floor, marking the pace of time. Painfully reminding me of time, even when I looked for the bathroom’s safety I could not seem to run away from any problems.

Suddenly, the drop of water froze still – while in the air – and everything went silent. I checked my phone beside me and my suspicion was correct. The numbers did not change past a minute. The time had stopped at 11:11 AM. “Strange”, I thought. “What will I do now that the time stopped for me?”

Note: Not too sure what this is supposed to be, but with this attempt I just found out narrating as first person feels a lot more challenging.

I hope you are doing okay.

Nida B. 🖤

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