Main Character’s Final Surrender

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On the eve of a powerful portal, I make my dreams my reality.

I invite trust to be my companion for the moments loneliness has the best of me, by tearing up my eyes and defying hope.

I prepare myself as I fill my heart with battle chants, for I’m still the protagonist of my own story. And as a protagonist, I know there will be twists and turns on the roads ahead of me.

Now I can only see the setting which surrounds me, because seeing the bigger picture is no longer part of my task. Living the story not knowing what my path has in store for me, is all I have to do.

It is this occult force, my true guidance; serving as a loyal messenger of the pen which writes on the paper, to keep me on the track of my story.

I may believe to not be ready for these adventures, but now I know. The book has been opened and page by page, I surrender to my true fate.

Note: Recently I saw the same message showing up repeatedly: “connect to music”. On the same day, I found this song and the moment I heard it, it was almost as if one of the characters I’ve been trying to develop came to visit me in person. This visit made me change her future course, so now I’ll be rewriting the following parts and add some more details, but it’s a bit overwhelming, she is still an enigma and her story quite painful.

Nida B. 🖤

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