Late Night Confessions

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Maybe my soul will

But my present self

May never have the chance

The chance to tell the one I love

That I miss him

That I do not wish to hide

My feelings behind my words

No metaphors this time.

I’m the foolest of all fools

For my heart obeys me not

And it continues to control my hands

My hands continue to type

My truest feelings

It is immense the strength I’m gathering

To not let my heart type

What it really wants

What will become of me if I give in

Bottling up such feelings seemed my only option

I can’t allow myself to feel, I said to myself

What I really can’t do

Is to bring myself not to feel this way for him

The only way to have my peace back

Is to obey my heart…

At each warm tear rolling down my cheeks

I surrender to vulnerability a little more

So opened and vulnerable to finally say

That I love him and the path that has been chosen

I keep on loving him despite the circumstances

I keep on caring for him deeply

I keep on praying for him to be happy and safe.

But I’m no divine feminine…

I’m just in love

Since when he first appeared in my dreams

Only and ever in my dreams.

Nida B. 🖤


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