Vuluar’s Map

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Where the lands were covered in everlasting ice, an entity sent a group of warriors and adventurers to the Dragoneater cave.

The village of Vuluar received its name in honor of a tree considered to be sacred. For the remnants of a deity lived trapped in the tree, but only the founder of this village knew about the truth behind the entity speaking through the petrified tree…

Vuluar once prophesied evil forces grew within the Dragoneater cave. Since then, the villagers had been seeking – in distant lands, where the winds blew warmingly – for adventures and warriors, as Vuluar had mentioned in the prophecy. Hoping them to be Vuluar’s chosen champions and put an end to the imminent danger.

What Vuluar had not foreseen was that the group brought by the villagers, began developing strange powers as they neared the icy cave. And soon enough the adventurers would see for themselves the deceiving truth Vuluar had been hiding. Getting there, only to find that the great evil Vuluar mentioned was far for being great nor evil at all, but a true Goddess – of quite small size – with powers that were no match compared to her tininess…

Just playing around with a possible backstory for a map I made on Inkarnate. I hope you like it! o/

Where would your imagination take you on this one? 😀

Nida B. 🖤

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