The Moon’s Love Letter

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From afar, I’ve watched the rain.

Those tears of yours, visited me at night

And I wondered,

Why do you cry

Oh beautiful rain.

Some times you were serene,

Other times you were stormy,

Most importantly, you made my nights sparkle everywhere

For every surface you touched, life sparkled through.

But, the day you stopped raining

I looked around, wondering

Where you had gone to…

Long before the rain’s sudden depart,

I had seen the beauty it kept hidden.

It was the moment light shone

That I glimpsed a rainbow through you.

A range of colors only nature could comprehend its beauty.


Longing to see this rainbow eternally,

I wrote rain a letter.

The letter, happens to be in my possession still

I’m afraid my reflective nature binded me,

As the words of a proposal had never been delivered.

For after a full cycle of joyous certainties,

My light saddened, as the rain faded away.

I changed at each lunar phase

And still, I dreamed about how could the rain and I hold hands

Magic, I imagine

A miracle sent by the stars, maybe?

Or… simply the power of love?

Uncertain of it, I think to myself,

Would have the rain accepted marrying me if I had given my letter…?

Nida B. 🖤

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