Quote #1 And a Couple Thoughts

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Usually I don’t watch much tv, but a few days ago I sat to watch some tv with my mom and she was watching this movie called Collateral Beauty. It turned out we found the movie quite interesting, so we kept watching and at some point throughout the move one of the characters says this:

“Just make sure to notice the collateral beauty”

It was said to another character on the verge of experiencing a painful and tragic moment in life.

The movie had a lot of interesting messages, but this one stood out the most for me. To actively notice the hidden beauty of a tragic situation is a real challenge, it pulls us out of a “comfort zone” our ego longs to recreate around us. It makes us feeling vulnerable because sometimes it is scary to feel anything that’s not pain. So for me this quote kinda served as a reminder, that it is okay to not cling to pain when “I’m supposed to be in pain”.

Hope it helps! o/

Nida B. 🖤

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