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It was just a normal day for Thurian, studying and collecting glowing crystals as he would usually do. The young man became more and more intrigued by them. His recent discovery would not let him rest, he needed to understand how those crystals grew with such quickness. Thurian also noticed the crystals were somehow interconnected and every extraction inflicted on them caused the crystals to regenerate right before his eyes. He was fascinated and probably obsessed, his hunger for knowledge was unstoppable.

When he was working on his research he did not have to think about the loneliness of living in a cave mid sea. His lifestyle chose him as it was impossible to leave the cave. He tried countless time, but eventually he came to the conclusion that the sea was not a friend of his, always so revolt never letting his boat stray away from the cave. It seemed like it wanted Thurian to ferever remain in the crystal cave.

Thurian then learned to accept that place as his home, it had become his everything. The cave took care of him as much as he took care of it. It was intriguing how that place could feel his thoughts. Thurian only had to think about something he wanted or needed and it would happen somehow. He could not complain, though the young man could not help to wonder how would it be to have at least someone to talk to whenever he layed down to admire the sparkling cave ceiling. Deep inside he knew he missed something.

The young man was working on extracting a freshly formed cluster of crystals. He needed samples of new specimens, and compare its structure to other samples of crystals he had gathered. The process was not the easiest, he had to be very careful not to damage it in any way. It was taking him a couple hours and had him more focused than usual. Thurian barely noticed when a distant and vague voice entered the cave softly. The muffled voice called out one more time. This time Thurian noticed it and startled. He dropped his tool and felt his heart freezing. Completely stunned and breaking out in cold sweat he waited for the voice again, just to make sure he was not becoming insane or if there really was someone near. The voice called nearer than he could imagine now.

– Hello…? Hello? Is there someone…? – said the stranger.

Thurian noticed to be a sobbing voice so gentle and sounding fragile, too soft to sound like it would put him or his home in danger. Though he would not risk it. For the first time someone was entering his home, he would not allow anyone to ravage such pure place. He then crawled towards the bushes, as silently as he could and hid in a way he could peek down the cliff to have a better look on the intruder.

– Please… someone… help… I need help… – said the intruder, seeming to be thinking out loud. The voice sounded weak and desperate as it cried.

He saw a young woman on a small boat. The boat was shaking uncontrollably against not so forgiving waves. Thurian saw the young woman covering her face as she tried to contain her tears. The moment he layed eyes on such thing he felt something awakening, somewhere in him a flame had been lit. He pondered, and reflected on the possible outcomes. Finally, Thurian cleared his throat and said:

– Miss, you must leave at once! – he tried to sound as convincing as he could. – This is no place for anyone! It…it is haunted by dark evils. – he said, feeling proud of himself he was able to come up with something.

The young woman startled and let out a scream as she had lost all of her hopes of finding someone to aid her.

– Haunted…? – she widened her eyes in fright and looked around trying to find who was speaking to her. – But… but this place… it looks so beautiful and magical… – she said, suddenly realizing her surroundings.

Thurian sighed hopelessly.

– Okay… you are right, it is not. But you can’t stay here either, you must return from where you came.

The moment he finished his sentence Thurian noticed many bruises on her skin, as well as blood on the worn out and dirty piece of cloth she had on. He felt a weird and uncomfortable sensation in his stomach.

– No! please, no… they were looking for me. And I’m afraid I can’t force my boat against these waves, it won’t let me – she tried with all the strength she had left.

Her little demonstration looked exaclty the same to all the times Thurian struggled to leave… Perhaps the cave called to her the same way it called to him, he thought. Still, he was hesitant to trust her words as much as he began trusting the honesty he saw on her eyes.

He finally got up and walked towards the bridge, where she could see him and said:

– You may come in, I will treat your wounds. Tomorrow we will see what can be done.

The instant he said it, waves began pushing her boat further inside the cave. He calmly went down, feeling as though he had made the right choice, he was sure the cave agreed with his choice as well.

Her boat parked and she helped herself out of it, though a sharp pain made her stumble and fall down. Worried, Thurian rushed towards her and picked her up. She was no longer conscious. He quickly took her to the camp, and searched for medicines, bandages and other items.

There was no time to waste. He ignored his trembling hands and began working on getting her wounds cleaned. As he took care of her wounds, the young woman opened her eyes and looked at him.

– Thank you… I will always… remember your kindness… – she said, faintly. He almost could not hear her. She then gazed at the ceiling of the cave. – I’ve never seen such beauty… – she said, before passing out.

“Yes, I too never saw such beauty before…” Thurian thought, as he followed her gaze. Becoming unwilling to believe in coincidences. Was it possible that after all that time, his home, the cave which he dedicated all, felt his heart’s deepest desire. For when he looked into that stranger’s eyes his whole life made sense.

Perhaps the sea had been a great friend of his all along, he thought.


I’ve been wanting to make a crystal cave on Inkarnate for a while and as I progressed on the map the story began to flow, so I wasn’t really expecting to come up with a background story for this one. I written this as the thoughts were flowing, I didn’t want to spend too much time making sure to edit it or overthinking it. I noticed I was kinda blocking myself by trying too hard to find suitable words. Despite of that, I hope you like it ^^

Nida B. 🖤

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