The Power of Our Emotional Identity: Who Are You?

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Beautifully said 🖤


From a very young age, I created an identity for myself. I was pleasant to be around. I was helpful, friendly, cheerful and empathetic.

I tiptoed through life on the feelings of others. I felt their need for stillness, and I was quiet. I felt their need for energy, and I was full of life. I felt their need for fun, and I was spontaneous. I felt their deep pain and I was compassionate, comforting, kind or silly.  

A smile from someone else became my reason for being.

On a deeper level, maybe I always knew that my own happiness could not be dependent on other people. That someone else’s reaction to me and my behaviour was in no way linked to the quality or integrity of me or my behaviour. I was not put on this Earth to please. 

I didn’t understand the word tragedy at such a young…

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