Faceless Guilt

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Vile shapeless figure

Creeping in

Always there, waiting for me to fall down

Its eyes were not natural, for they saw within me

they saw a weakness I did not know to exist

Of me they made the perfect host

its claws, sharp as needles

injected a poison perfectly designed to make me believe

believe I needed it to survive and to be

It does not speak any language

but it can whisper dark feelings

that erased my own thoughts

and made me pick up all the stones along the way

one by one

I carried them under my shoulders

weighing me down and making me cling to more stones of dark blames

Upon a vicious cycle, my will was under its control

It is exactly how it wants its host


weaking its own mind

self destructing the essence

blinded to the freeing truth…

As the host finally does by itself the parasite’s job…

Nida B. 🖤

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