Lumi’s Legacy

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Part 1 – Chosen

Look Elia! It’s moving again! – the boy said.

– It has been doing this for a couple days now Terric, I’m not sure if today is the day – Elia said, feeling bad for him, she knew how excited her brother had been over the strange blue egg he had found.

– But it hasn’t moved like this before and last night I heard scratching noises coming from it – he said, gesturing his hands like claws and scratching the table.

Elia looked at him trying not show she was not too convinced, but the look on her face gave her away.

– It’s true! – he immediately replied as soon as he saw her giving him the same look whenever he told her about his stories.

– Hey… I believe you, I’m just worried about it. We don’t even know what is this thing – said Elia, placing on the wall a small broom she used to sweep the floor and joined her brother at the wooden table – where his brother had placed an empty fruit basket with the egg inside.

– Well, I have a guess, but I’m not telling you this time, you would make us get rid of it… – Terric crossed his arms.

– Maybe I should! And I know what you are probably thinking, you little dreamer – Elia said, as she smiled at her younger brother and rested her cheeks on both her hands.

– I’ll prove to you the stories are real, just wait a couple more hours and you will see – Terric said confidently. – Or maybe days…or weeks… – his tone went from confidence, to a mixture of frustration and doubt. His eyes still fixated on the blue purplish sphere.

– At least it is too small, it cannot eat us… – she said, when clear cracking noises interrupted her, which made her cheeky smile disappear from her face.

Terric gasped and said: – It’s happening! – he looked at her in amazement, then quickly back to the egg as he sat on the chair with both his knees, leaning onto the table. Even though Elia felt reluctant about it, she also could not contain her curiosity to see the creature.

A small piece of the egg shell fell off and a tiny claw came out of the small opening, gently groping around. Elia and Terric glanced at each other again, for finally seeing that the creature was indeed alive.

– Do… you believe it now…? – he whispered – trying not to say loudly and scare what appeared to be a baby dragon – and smirked.

Elia nodded, but still not believing her eyes. Both of them were barely breathing as the baby dragon attempted to free itself. More pieces of the thick egg broke off, but still most of it was intact. The creature seemed to be struggling.

– Should we help it? – Terric asked, growing concerned.

– No… – she stopped his hand from reaching the egg. – Best to let it be, I think it knows what to do – she said while observing the creature.

– Okay… – Terric said, raising one eyebrow in suspicion. Thinking to himself how did she suddenly understand a thing about magical beings, such as dragons.

The small creature began fighting its first test of true perseverence, as it had to gather enough strength to push and move in order to break the egg. At first it seemed to be making no progress, only after a couple minutes, Terric and Elia saw the strange creature pushing through the loose and cracked parts. It appeared to be saving its energy in between each attempt, though each push and twitch were necessary, which helped the dragon to break free with one last contortion. Finally, the dragon rolled off the egg, though it stayed laying on the basket, motionless. If it was not for its breathing lungs, both Elia and Terric thought for a moment that the creature did not make it. Slowly, the baby dragon began to show signs of life once again. It opened its deep blue eyes, blinking a couple times and adjusting his sight to all the new colors and lights…

Life outside the warm egg felt quite different. Soon the newborn dragon noticed a soft breeze gliding on its white and thin scales. It felt so new to the creature that now it could sense everything around it. The new enviroment was awakening its consciousness, especially to itself.

It had no need to remain curled up anymore, so its first urge was to stretch its tiny legs, as it tried for the first time to coordenate them and find balance. Holding his head up was also challeging, for two little horns on his head weighed on such delicate muscles. Though, the hardships it faced to control head and legs, did not apply to its newly discovery. His wings.

After dealing with frustration, joy filled the little creature. For being able to spread its wings up and down. It did not take long for them to be flapping in response to the creature’s excitement. With little effort, it was now twirling and jumping around, making the brother and sister giggle as they watched such a beautiful and distinct creature show its magic.

Completely confident of his skills, the little one took flight off the table and landed on Elia’s shoulder.

– Wow! so it is true! – Terric said, nearly shouting.

– What is it true? – Elia questioned.

– This means it has chosen you, Elia!

– Me? what makes you think that?

– The legends! I’ve told you about them before – he said, not containing his enthusiasm.

He continued.

– According to the legends… – thoughtfully bringing a hand to his chin. – Hmm…yes, of course! the first flight! Elia, you have to give it a name! – he snapped his fingers.

– A n-name? – she said nervously and trying to keep track of her brother’s train of thought.

Elia automatically cupped her hands together. The little dragon crawled down her shoulder to her arm, and sat on the palm of her hands. Tilting his head side to side as the creature’s big eyes curiously stared at Elia and Terric. Elia stared back at the little creature. Besides his pale and pearlescent appearance the dragon’s tail glowed in a pulsating blue light.

– Lumi, his name is Lumi. – Elia finally said. Having a strange feeling when she looked into the dragon’s eyes. Somehow she could see through them, somehow it felt as though she had seen them before…

Elia and Terric’s house.

Recently I found this website called Inkarnate and it’s perfect for making rpg maps, so I had to make a map of their house too. ^^

I have been spending hours making maps on it, since I’m also making a map for my other story, Hearts of The Forest.

It’s a really nice tool, here’s a link:

Nida B. 🖤

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