A Special Day

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15 came, as well as love came too

a special day.

Just like in a book story, our paths crossed

we did not know how, it just happened

and I don’t know how, but you were no stranger to me.

Maybe the universe did write our story and

even this very day, exactly the way it is right now.

But I’m still here, feeling this lump sensation growing in my throat

Maybe because my spirit is trying not to howl like a lone wolf under a full moon

or maybe because your presence is just a ghost of memories

and this ghost of memories cannot hear me say those three words I long to say so badly.

Still, your ghost is my only witness and my only company.

5 plus 1 is 6, and so I heard them saying it’s a number of unconditional love

that being said, I will only think and be unconditional love tonight.

What was and the outcome do not matter, for under the same moon, stars and skies of this world that we are alive,

I’m your 6, just your sweet and wild 6.

Nida B. 🖤

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