Baby Dragon Will Learn To Fly

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More than ever, I think I find myself trying to tell myself to keep believing in magic. Magic, fantasy, the impossible and stories out of this world. I just wonder why do I still struggle to allow myself to fully lose myself in magic. Maybe at some point in my life I learned that turning into books or fictional stories, in order to escape a world I never really had interest in being part of, was unhealthy. I was programmed to think logically, stay grounded and accept the world as it is, as if imagining it differently was a waste of time. But deep inside my heart I think I’m longing to just let my mind create the world inside me. To let the imagination soar.

Little by little, I’m starting to realize that if I allow magic in my life, maybe I won’t have to escape anymore. I say this because, I had a strong tendency of suppressing everything that came from within. Especially when I grew a little older. Every little story I used to invent and adore while as a child, ended up supressed. Sometimes they were the only company I had, but unfortunately I turned myself against my own little creations. As if they were useless, cause I had learned it was time to grow up and leave the magic in me behind. The talking spider no longer talked to me, because I didn’t believe it anymore. Mezelda, the spirit of a Witch that died at a Witch war, had really disappeared because I didn’t want anymore to tell my brother the stories about her or the Witches flying around at war. I guess she will always be my deepest intuitive side, she knows best, she’s my guidance and I’m glad she came back.

I’m not sure where I’m trying to get here, I just feel the message is purely about becoming and creating whatever you believe in. Create your world, venture yourself there and when you get back to reality, bring part of its magic back to this world. Let us celebrate magic, it is everywhere, even in our “real world”.

I hope you have a wonderful day and daydream about dragons flying high above the clouds. o/

Nida B. 🖤

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