Bravery Prevails

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Theodric knew this could be his last day on the battlefield. It was as if he waited his entire life for this day. Life had always been bitter and ruthless, at least death meant glory. He was ready to finally claim his glorious moment, whether that meant his death or the death of his opponent…

The first wave of attack happened too fast for them to assume their positions properly, their watchmen had not stood a chance. The bell alarms came when the ravenous fire was already spreading out consumingly. It was useless, the enemy knew exactly where and how to weaken their defenses.

Those local soldiers from that small city, were standing in fool and confused. Theodric and his elite squad, on the other hand knew very well what they were dealing with. For years this had been their job, they did the dirty work no one else could.

For just a couple minutes the attack ceased as the enemy retreated for one second attack. This time the elite squad had enough time to execute their strategic formation. Since hiding was everything the enemy enjoyed the most, they were aware that open confrontation would be the way to go, usually the element of intimidation was underrated… In an ordinary scenario it would probably be madness, though this was no ordinary type of rival.

Mid chaos, Theodric’s second commander in charge, shouted firm instructions to the local soldiers, while Theodric calmly signaled instructions to his squad as they followed it with mastery. It was about time for the second attack to begin, they knew it was taking longer than usual. As they waited, strong winds began to blow aggressively. It had started. Now they could hear the threatening battle cries coming from their enemy, making the rest of soldiers shiver and glance at each other, as fear was already eating them alive. Theodric and his men did not flinch, most of them grinned under their helmets, impatiently waiting for the moment to slay their opponent or die fighting. Though something appeared to be unusual this time…

The enemy had brought reinforcement. There was three of them surrounding the front of the fortress. One landed near the soldiers as a distraction, while the others were spreading terror upon those people. The elite squad quickly took action towards the enemy on the ground, commanded by Theodric, while the second commander was coordenating the men operating giant ballistas. They managed to slow down the enemies circling through the air, though the damage caused was devastating…

As soon as one of the enemies was taken down, it awoke the fury of the two remaining enemies. It took one final blast of their rage to make those men see fire pouring from the skies. Enemies fled once again, leaving nothing but death and devastation behind.

“Three times…It always takes three attacks…” He thought, getting back on his feet. Now everything turned slow motion to him. Theodric and a couple of his men were still standing… He looked around as no sound could affect him anymore. Suffocating smoke began to fill the air. Seeing most of the soldiers down, added to the smell of those burned bodies, slowly fueled his blood thirst even more. He would not wait for a third attack, he understood what that attack meant. In cold blood he began to march, heading where his enemies had retreated. No rush, no fear was needed, he walked fiercely into the woods. His heart was pounding and adrenaline rushing through his veins, suddenly he felt lighter and more skillfull than ever, nothing to hold him back now. Breathing heavily against his helmet, he continued to move foward in a trance like state.

And finally there it was, right in front of him, his long waited moment. The two flying beasts on the ground, slowly walking side to side in threat posture, showing their teeth as though enjoying what they had just done.

Battling for the same cause, warrior against dragons, face to face now. Both will spin the wheels of destiny on the battlefield and see which takes the prize. Life or Death.

Nida B. 🖤

The image and this song were the main inspirations.

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