Through The Portal

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A story I never knew how to finish, it has been waiting for me to find the words. Sadly, the words never came. A fictional story about love, based on a real life story. This story of which I speak has not been written simply because the real story has not yet reached its end. My creation froze in time, I see the girl in which I imagined, sitting on the bench, looking endlessly to the beautiful portal in front of her. Without my story, her story is lifeless. She was supposed to go through the portal inside her heart, but the creator does not know where the portal leads to as much as she does not. Now we are both sitting together on the bench, contemplating at this portal. Maybe the creator and its creation will now have to figure out this story together…

When love opened a portal to another dimension, creator and creation thought the solution was to travel through this portal and find what the heart wanted the most. But maybe this never was the lesson. The owl said clearly “Let your love travel to where it wants to…”. Love was meant to go through the portal, not the girl and I. Now that the portal is opened the story might actually end here, because it is done. Love will travel back and forth through this portal. The lesson has always been about learning how to get into the flow of love, love itself is the answer. My creation and I will remain here sending our love through the portal, imagining it intertwining with yours somewhere.

Nida B. 🖤

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