Hearts of the Forest

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The day feels brighter than usual, don’t you think so too traveler? A good rest can be invigorating! Also, glad to see you came back! You travelers always come for the stories, let’s not waste any more time! There is so much I can tell you. Take this cup of tea as I promised, it will warm your soul on this cold day, cold yet sunny. It reminds me of when the Green Lands were untouched by the dark energies…

These lands were once a place of love, festivities, and celebrations. Balance and harmony was all there was here. This is what the mystical energy is made of… I noticed you seem to be a newcomer, dear traveler, but you certainly heard of the Higher Spirits before your arrival. We cannot speak about the sacred lands without speaking about what we may call, the magical beings who turned the five elements into this place.

This is the Higher Spirits’s homeland, they are the ones who created all you can and can’t see here. They are everywhere and nowhere. Originally they lived freely, existing here in flesh and bones like you and me. Well, not all of them I should say, ha! Some are of quite peculiar appearance.” The old lady suddenly seems distant, her gaze appears to be far away, facing at terror. The traveler patiently sips a bit of tea, which brings the old lady back to present moment. “Oh, pardon me, you see traveler…not all Forest Spirits survived the first fire purge, some of them remained and still live among us, though they learned to use the forest to hide. These are the Spirits who learned to make the five elements part of them, an extension of their Spirit. Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Mystical Energy.

The five elements are alive as much as the Higher Spirits are, they are interestingly connected through a type of common agreement, a mutual symbiotic connection. Connected in perfect harmony, coexisting in perfect balance. The fifth element, the mystical energy is this extraordinary connection. If you close your eyes dear traveler, you can feel it, permeating all cycles of life on this land. Mystical energy weakens when the other four elements are in disturbance. They can become overly destructive and come in conflit with each other, including other life forms.

I believe this is where the story really begins, traveler, because from a far dry land came a certain energy, an energy which corrupted one of the five elements. The fire element had been corrupted, giving birth to the first red moon cycle. It was thought fire to be pure enough to cleanse all mystic energy – considered to be an obscene and filthy way of living, and an offense to the worshipers of dark energy.” Even under her worn out grey hood, the traveler notices the old lady taking a long and deep breath. She looks down and after a long pause she continues. “Once a higher spirit suffers such a fate, it can no longer go back to its physical form…” The old lady raises her head and recites in firm and clear voice. “Only by the five elements they shall leave this place, only in peace they shall come back. One etheric energy may not be whilst the other is growing. Cycles ago, Mezelda’s words revealed what many other Witches suspected… Forest Spirits can only be killed by the five elements, and done through acts of cruelty they cannot find their way to this land in the physical form, so the deceased Spirits joined the mystical energy to protect this place, guide and help travelers to restore what was once burned to ashes…”

Winds begin to blow violently, swiftly shaking all trees. Clounds begin to darken and birds flee seeking back for their shelter. The sudden change in the atmosphere leaves the old lady and the traveler feeling startled. Along with the winds, whispering voices seem to surround and swirl around them. A warning from the forest. The old lady then looks at the traveler. “Quickly! You must find a place to hide! The energy is shifting fast, they bring only death. All will be explained, but first run!

Nida B. 🖤

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