The Outsider

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The Witch is known to be needed when travelers find themselves in need of a breakthrough. She may appear to them in strange ways. Their path will force them to change course as she attracts them near. The Witch Spirit is not interested in travelers with an empty heart. She will only lure in those with potential to earn her mark through major lessons. She is the Spirit to provoke travelers into becoming all which lies deep into their core.

The Oracle was also once a traveler, seeking for a hidden knowledge. Though her life was taken away from her and of many others of her kind. Higher Spirits who watch over the Green Lands, cried years of rain for her unjust fate and gifted her Spirit with a task only she could accomplish. Perhaps I could say her blessing became the curse of the Masked ones. The energy which connects her Spirit to the Green Lands is the very dark energy that killed her. It binds her to her duty. The duty to forge the chosen ones to complete a cycle. Her mark is a true gift only few may earn.

The ending of the current cycle will determine the beggining of the next cycle. The energies must be balanced, only this way the lifeless grey moon can become bright indigo once more. If the travelers do not succeed, the round moon will redden, just as in the dark times, tainted by the blood of the innocent. The Witch died under the haunting blood moon, a cycle where the Masked ones casted darkness upon the Green Lands.

Although, it appears that two babies were born on the same day in the distant islands, cycles later. Causing a great disrupt in the mystical energies, resetting the moon, therefore the cycle. A neutral and energyless moon is now influencing all living things. Some move through the shadows gathering forces, some now have a chance to change a horrible fate to repeat itself.

I believe you too heard the messages the Oracle revealed, It has been a long time since her last awakening. Two hearts have awoken her interest. They are what the guardians of the old ways call: The Catalysts.

Well, certainly I would love to keep telling you about the good old days our Green Lands have seen, under the indigo moon, but as you see I am just an old lady and I could use a nice nap, my dear traveler. Stay by for a few more days and I will offer you a nice and hot cup of tea, and tell you about the Outsider and her lost loved one. I’m sure you are curious to know of all about the Witch’s words...”

Bia. 🖤

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