Mezelda Speaks

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It is time to stand your ground.

The witching hour approaches…

Dark clouds cluster in anger. Thunders and rain come to aid her in channeling a message.

The layer of dust on the Witch’s totem falls down as she begin to awaken. With creaking sounds the Witch awakes, opening her eyes in a heart beat. An echoing voice fills the air.

“Well…Well… Nightmares torment you then…? Hmm…Yes, haunting they are indeed. So unfortunate… It is a pity, I must say, it is so unfortunate your inner battle constantly begging for them to cease.” Mezelda grins horrendly as her growing laughter sends shivers down one’s spine.

“Nightmares feast off of one’s fears… WHY?!” the Witch screams as thunders join her furiously. “Why do you expect to escape your nightmares? Why! is that you choose to be oblivious? Resist it not! Beg not!”

She continues.

Dire consequences draw near when eyes no longer gaze the path forward… I see a heart. I see a string… A deadly string embedded around a heart. Pulling from far behind…” The Witch’s voice becomes deeper, and at a quick pace she speaks. “Bit by bit lacerating the heart. The blood will corrode the bearer of this heart. I see an outsider trying… Ha! Trying to cut the string! oh, what a fool…” Whispering voices murmur impatiently. “Yes… The outsider played its fated role. Serving as a catalyst for great shifts. Perhaps… I am fond of this outsider… Nevertheless, it is a fool! who must know its place.”

The heart bearer ougth to venture in the nightmare lands to find the only dagger capable of cutting the string. The string must perish by the hands of a brave one built in pain and scarcity. Undergoing this ordeal, the storms will then meet its end forevermore. This soul shall rise again with the grace of strength and be rebirth to see the light of day with new eyes.”

The Oracle Witch turns back into her static form, the message is delivered. And when you are least expecting she might awake again.

Bia. 🖤

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