Oracle Witch

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The wise old witch sees it all. And a message she has for those with a curious mind, a wild soul, and a true heart.

If you don’t wish to find the answers, I must warn you now. Do not look too deep into her eyes… Inside her eyes the fires she was once burned, burn wildly for an eternity. The fires in her eyes will strip your soul of every illusion you hide behind. She knows it all.

She is the deity that reaps the roots of all injustice. Under her domain she is the one who brings balance to the scales. She decides the fate of souls lost in fear.

The oracle witch only speaks when all expectations turn into ashes. When the eyes no longer focus on appearances. When the mind is no longer seeking for the shadows as a guide. When the heart is brave enough to whisper her name.

I advise you to think wisely while in her presence. She can be merciful, though she will not show you a field of delicate flowers.

The witch is an entity of powerful transformation. She will bring forth the truth and only the truth.

In fields of thorns she will give you the most challenging trial.

Pass the trial and you are ready to receive the visions she holds for you.

The witch will keep her eye on you.

Her laughter will echo in your mind.

The witch’s celebration will be heard by all.

She will give you her mark to carry.

A mark of true strength.

From the flames of judgement you will always be protected.

A mark of a fierce witch.

Mezelda’s mark.

None who cross paths with her way remain the same way as they were before..”

Nida 𝔅.🖤

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