Her Indigo Light

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I walk in disguise among those who have their eyes closed, without knowing how to break through the sick world we created.

This process of transformation needs to be completed.

It is a fate I cannot escape.

And let go of a life it was not written for me.

The life for me still awaits me, it longs for me. It calls my name and whispers me to come home.

The ties of fear keep me in this place.

I can’t take the next step.

Why can’t I take the next step if this time I’m awake?

Where has my bravery gone to?

When I need her the most she goes back into the shadows.

I need her here now.

Be the warrior of light I need to take this next step.

Don’t go hiding again, your strength is all I need.

I know you don’t want to conform.

I know you hate the way I pretend to live their reality as my own.

I know you still grieve the day I started looking for this world’s approval.

So don’t let me accept anymore what is not real.

Scream and fight for me to become you once and for all.

You are so selfless and devoted to what you believe. And without you I’m lost in the confusion of this wounded world.

In confusion I sent you away many times. I abandoned you and turned my back on you.

You are tired of waiting for me, I know. I know everything I’ve done to you. I’ve locked you away for far too long.

Nothing I did could keep me from hearing your screams and cries.

Will she forgive me? Do you still have light left enough to forgive me? Will you give up like I did?

I know you are still there. I can feel your presence. I know your hope is endless. I know you want to fight for a better world and life.

The time for sorrow and guilt is over. Once I take the next step the change will be complete.

So your misery ends here now, for you will be set free. From you I won’t run away anymore.

Now I can stand still to see you and love you.

Justice and kindness will together become one with me.

You and I are one.

Soul and human, journeying together in this life.

I’m bound to become you again so together we can go home.

And I promise you…

Your Indigo light will shine through me forevermore.

Bia. ❤

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