The Night, My Home.

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My refuge is in the night.

I go outside to praise the night.

I greet the moon once again.

While holding a promise, a piece of paper and a candle.

The night feels calm and welcoming as always.

Not as usual, the winds are blowing cold and urgently. I close my eyes and feel it speak. We both know they must take a message tonight.

I try once, I try twice but the candle won’t light up.

Patiently, I close my eyes again and ask for the winds to give me a moment to light up my candle.

They agree and grant me a moment to let the flame burn before my eyes.

The flames touch the paper and now my dreams and visions are burning.

The winds blow again in full urgency taking my dreams and ascending them to the skies.

I must release everything.

As I now need to find my way to align with myself.

After hours of feeling so trapped and as though I had no ground to walk on, I suddenly start to feel like myself again. Stability is back to my state of mind.

For a moment, I feel I can stand for myself with no fear.

But I look up to the sky once. And I look up again.

The night is going away soon. The moon starts to set down.

Slowly I try to accept the sun is about to rise.

Because when the sun finally rises everything will be different.

I know I must let the night go, so I can come out of this hiding place it provides me.

Deep dark sky now turning into a light blue.

When the sun rises there is no turning back.

Under the sun they will see the parts of my soul I kept hidden.

Under the sun I face the challenge of becoming everything I believe in with no fear.

The sun will not let me hide from them who I am.

The moon leaves me behind, but reassuring me I will see the night once more.

Tells me that first I must face the daylight. The unknown will set me free.

The smell of the ashes of my dreams and visions is comforting.

It is the smell of freedom.

The universe will now carry them for me as I promised.

I think to myself, I’m not ready for the day to come.

But the birds now awakening, show me to always remain attentive.

To stand still and endure to face the sunlight.

For it is time.

The air brings change now.

Bia.  🖤

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