The Love Of A Soul

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Somehow I think you asked me to talk to you through my soul. So here it is, my soul writing to you once more.

It wants to write about the lovers who battle to find a way to allow their souls to love above all.

They still don’t believe it, but even in great distance their souls are always talking to each other…

No matter what they do.

They are only humans.

What they don’t realize is that within every human there is a soul wanting to live something.

As humans they often find themselves lost, not knowing how to listen to the soul.

When they met, their souls awoke and they never found a way to silence it again.

For a moment they forgot they were even human. They forgot about all the impossibilities. For the first time they did what their souls wanted. They became infinite love. Together they fooled reality and inside of a world that forgot how to love long ago, they created the paradise living within them.

But the world did get louder…Invading their paradise. Making it difficult for them to hear the singing of their soul.

Though there is something they don’t quite understand yet…

The soul of these two lovers doesn’t care about time, space or anything that comes from the human reality. Nothing from their world can undo the love of a soul. No human conditions can stand between the love one soul has for another.

The imperfections of the human condition can only be real in their own world. A soul sees no fear. A soul doesn’t see flaws. A soul sees no distance. These are human limitations.

A soul is trying to be heard by these two lovers.

And this is their beautiful challenge…

Even when their human reality seems all wrong, filled with obstacles and impossible there is a soul pulling them back together. Challenging them to listen to this love their soul is causing them to feel. Challenging them to see each other and everything around them with the eyes of the soul only

While as human they run from each other.

While as soul they magnetically run to each other, no matter how hard their bodies pull them apart. No matter how hard their logical minds try to find reasons to make this love seem impossible and dangerous.

The soul only wants to desperately love one another.

We have so much in common it is scary, he said. Are we the same person, she said.

They could already feel there was something about them…

It made them so afraid of ending up with a broken heart…But love was already wrapped around them, binding them together forever. And the soul telling them over and over, there is nothing to fear. Nothing to hold back. The time is now.

He is home. Love him. Trust him.

She is home. Love her. Trust her.

Safe to let go…

Safe to let in…

Safe to heal…

Safe to love…

Safe to come back as one… in mind, body and spirit.

It is being repeated to them constantly and insistently now.

As their soul is growing stronger they must release the shadows of their hearts while in this human form.

The soul pull takes place to guide them…

Her soul wants him.

His soul wants her.

A soul pull, forever binding them.

A song for you to sing to your precious angel…

A song for me to sing to you, my angel.

Bia. ❤

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