The Kind of Light We Seek

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Today a beautiful soul from far away inspired me to come here and write. In memory of those beings of pure light that already left this plane. In honor of those beings of pure light that are still by our side. It is very clear to me that humans and nature do have a great connection, whether that is “positive” or “negative” at some point. We are all part of the same reality, so I believe there is connection. I don’t think nature is so different than us, it just has a different way of expressing itself in this world compared to how we do it. Chaos, Order, Balance, Harmony, Healing, Instinct, Survival, Darkness, Love, Fear, Destruction, Transformation, Death, Life and so on. From a biological point of view the concept of superiority or inferiority shouldn’t really be applied, but rather the levels of complexity of organisms. There are different types of complexity between species, and still in general we all have a lot in common. We are part of the nature of this world. We are not superior in any way, shape, or form.

From my own personal spiritual point of view, I feel that every living thing has a reason to be existing. Even though the whole thing about “we all have a mission in this life” it is still something I try to understand. I think it all depends on the concept of “mission” you choose to believe. Yes, I do think there is reason to all things, I have a hard time believing that this universe we’re in is all about chaos and probability. But still the concept of “mission” may be a bit distorted for most of us. Sometimes we may end up imagining great things being accomplished by great people in history when we think about a mission or doing something for this world. At least that is what I have seen and experienced.

I think that a “mission” or your reason for being here and alive doesn’t need to be “great”. Existing in this world with your own energy solely is already a reason if that is the case. The lessons you learn already help to uplift this world. As I believe we are connected. The energy we put out in this reality does affect us as a whole. The universe is what we make of it. If we make our existence a negative one then that is what the universe will be sending out to others and also back to us.

Does every living thing has a soul? Well I think very few have the answer to this question. In my experience I choose to believe that yes, animals, humans, plants and other life forms do have souls. I myself would love to experience life as a butterfly, if I haven’t already. The point where I’m trying to get here is how fantastic it is a connection between humans and animals. I see it as a soul to soul connection. Souls that chose to experience this reality in different forms. A connection between a person and its pet or any animal a person can bond with is truly a beautiful thing to witness. Our animals probably come to this reality with the same purpose we do. And I do believe every soul has something to teach and learn. If the pets and the animals we take care of came to our lives then they do have something to show us. Personally there were three souls, three animals that made a huge difference in my life so far. One of them was the embodiment of kindness and empathy, you could see kindness in her eyes. There was also the one that showed me about true perseverance, strength to keep living even under pain and sadness, he was also the perfect representation of unconditional love. Last, but not least the soul I took care of as if it was a daughter, she showed me about self defense and boundaries. I’m sure they did what they came here to do and nothing was in vain.

We are not the only ones with “missions”. Nature has so much to add to this world spiritually. Animals and plants don’t cammunicate exaclty the same way we do, but if we just learn how to observe we can see so much of ourselves in them as well. Our animals, our pets, whatever you choose to call them, they hold the kind of light we might spend a lifetime seeking but it’s right there in front of us, ready to make our lives better when everything else is falling apart, ready to show us how to be more connected. Ready to show us about what truly matters. They are not by our side by chance. There is a reason, there is a soul connection. We learn and we teach with them. Even if it is about learning how to smile when it’s too difficult to do so or simply learning how to love with them. I think we forgot how the “small” things in life matter more than we think. Life is simple and some animals can help us to see that.

Bia. ❤

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