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It is midnight and I’m awake again. Asking in vain too many times. What do I do with a heart beating in so much love? No answer. Always the silence. This love doesn’t want to be directed to myself anymore. I now found an endless source of love for myself, but this love…It is overflowing my heart. It wants to travel far away. Or maybe not so far away.

The room gets suffocating, so I rush outside to breathe some fresh air. Hoping the moon and stars to comfort me. In vain again. They only give me more silence. I look at my heart and it keeps overflowing. It wants to love. I proceed telling my heart about the circumstances. It must be deaf, poor little thing. “What do I do with you strange little thing? This place doesn’t care about love”

It must be like a child. So naive and so careless about the dangers of being in love like this. “You see, it is not so prudent to go out there filled with love. I’ve heard they could take it all away from you.” It is odd, still doesn’t seem to listen. I wonder why is it so certain it’s not going to get hurt?

This time I heard an answer. “It is obvious, of course.” A little owl said.

“But how can it be so obvious? I don’t understand about love. I have so many questions. Could you help me?”

“I’ll explain, but listen carefully. I don’t have much time and I can only say it once. You are human. Love is not, it does not come from your world. I see that you have the beating heart. The great fear was once a human like you. It hunts those with the beating heart, to feed its great hunger. It leaves nothing behind, yes…it is a vile creature indeed. It has taken many hearts. If you wish a different fate you must be aware of the path you choose.”

“May I ask where does love come from?”

“It comes from another dimension, which you already know of. You simply forgot about it. Worry not star child, your heart has awakened. This love you ask about, it opened a portal to another dimension in your heart. This is the reason it is overflowing with love now. It has found its way back home.

“This is all so confusing! But what about the great fear! Will it devour my heart too?!”

“Only if you deny your heart to love. Love is the answer dear human. It is the great fear weakness, it cannot devour a heart true to love. Let your love travel to where it wants to…”

The owl did leave too soon. I still have so many questions… A portal the owl said. I wonder where this portal leads to.

To be continued.

Bia.  🖤

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