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Dreaming while asleep is a topic that interests me a lot, so I was thinking maybe I should write about dreams too. I wouldn’t say I dream a lot during my sleep, because if I’m not mistaken most of us dream the same, though I think we just forget the dreams we have. I guess I’m just able to remember parts of the dreams I have for a short period of time. As soon as I wake up from a dream I try to write them down before I pass out on my journal. When I go over my journal is actually really easy to spot my dream notes because my handwriting is just not readable hehehe. I can try to decifer some of my notes and write about them here and also talk about dreams since I like reading about it.

This is going to be a short post, but I will share one of the dreams I had a couple months ago that really caught my attention.

Somehow I knew I was at the school I work at, but in the dream the school looked exactly like the first school I attendend when I came back to Brazil (I think I was 7 at the time). I was on a break from the classes and a head teacher was making me company. I don’t think we were talking or anything, I was just sitting there waiting and suddenly I see a little boy sitting on the floor in front of us. He wasn’t there before. He was hugging his knees. I remember my eyes felt drawn to him though in the dream I was feeling a bit spaced out. The boy then looks back at me and said there are couples that choose each other outside of the matrix, or I think he said off the grid of the matrix. And he continued saying that these couples are the ones we call soul mates. When the boy said the word matrix the other teacher immediately tried to repress him and treated him as if he was crazy and said he shouldn’t be saying such nonsense. Her attitude infuriated me which made me snap out of a zoned out state of mind. I interrupted her without thinking twince then I crouched near him and I repeated “matrix….yes I understand what you say, please continue”. He then said it again “united outside, these are the soul mates” and kept repeating this. But I noticed he seemed distant, he was now looking through the window as if he could see something happening and I noticed his hands, his palms were making a sign of union to emphasize what he was saying, one palm against the other gently. Mirroring each other. When I looked through the window he was gone the same way he appeared. Leaving me speechless and intrigued. He spoke my language when no else there would.

This school…represented one of the most aversive places I’ve been in my life. I’ve seen awful things happening there and in this dream I’m back to this school as actually a teacher… Schools have always been the perfect representation of what the matrix means to me. The lead teacher is completely blinded by conditionings and represented exactly everything I hated about teachers back then. Repression and ignorance. A teacher who doesn’t listen and makes children feel like little fools for saying things adults are not able to understand. Many children hold great wisdom, but are never taken into consideration simply for being children. They actually have the hability to see what adults are no longer able to see.

To me it is so ironic how I’ve been feeling guided to go back to the one enviroment I hated the most when I was younger. Schools. As a teacher now I see everything from a different perspective but it’s funny that nothing changed…I still feel and think just as I would when I was a student seeing the flaws of traditional schools…and how destructive it is. It is there where cycles of traumas and negativity is born. Shaping people to be completely blind and pursue meaningless lives. Study, work, buy, sell, fail, success, status, money, survive, reproduce… Like I’ve said everything is interconnected.

The boy…The boy represented the complete opposite. He is enlightenment. But worried because his words not many could understand. He was speaking about Love.

I do realize that in dreams every element of it says something about ourselves, so this dream represents a lot about my life and I believe that the boy…represented a message I needed to hear myself…

Bia. ❤

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