The Star Tale

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When dream and reality seem to blend, love is born on earth…

Through recognition and remembrance a dream sleeping in her heart awakes with a promise of being brought to life. Her reality falls apart, but it’s the dream keeping her alive. To survive, she closed her eyes to reality. For the light she was given wasn’t always held up in the skies to nurture the star of the soul they share. A fatal choice made in the dark destroyed the dream. A choice that wounded the dream forever. A wound to never be healed. To never be forgiven. As within as without forever. It is her destiny.

Banished from the dream and exiled she wandered back to herself. In silence her heart whispered softly.”The pendant you have been given…still shines…use it…go back…”

Tears of despair dry up to never be shed once again. Her fate no longer brings storms. The heart knows the search is long over. Stillness and peace find their place within her. Her shadows and light now greet each other as old friends. Her seas are calm and her skies are clear. The moon knows why she awaits by the pier every night. The fairies know for whom she sings every night. The angels smile, for the plan is being fulfilled. And the stars resonate her love back to the world.

Her fate is now far from the dream. Reality is now her fate. Forever testing her to see how real her love really is. It is the only option. In the dream realm or in reality, once a heart speaks there is no turning back. An invisible force binds the dreamer to its heart’s desires. In this story this is a one time phenomenon.

Do you think the story of the little boy and the little girl has a happy ending? Well, it’s an interesting story because the dream realm can only become real in the reality realm when…..

Bia. ❤

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