Through Love They Bring Light

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Those who bring light to this world through love have been called by many names. Though I think it doesn’t really matter the names humanity chooses to call them. While the world is asleep they are working their way to find love. True love. A love free from all the imprisoning concepts humans created for themselves.

A love that emerges from the dark. Like a Lotus flower. A Lotus flower is a type of water lily, its roots grow in the muddy soils of a lake. The flower grows till it finds the surface. It goes through darkness and muddiness. Even under these circumstances a Lotus flower reaches the surface clean and beautiful to praise the sun.

Their journey is similiar to the journey a Lotus flower has to go through. The darkness and the mud representing the constrictions we have been learning generations after generations. Represents the concepts of how we should behave, how we should live our lives, how we should feel, and see ourselves and the world around us. The rules we must follow in order to be part of a collective. We might not even be aware, but they do drive almost everything we do. The illusions of the reality we created as a whole. The more we embrace them the more we will refuse to question ourselves why…Why we do what we do? Why we believe without a doubt the things we were taught to believe? Why can’t we choose our own path? Why can’t we be ourselves without fear?

The journey these lovers must go through, to reach what doesn’t exist in the illusionary world, will strip their entire being of all the mud and dirt that doesn’t serve to find Unconditional Love. The blossom of this flower means that the mind, the spirit and the body found a way to true love, unconditional love. The final stage of the process of a spiritual awakening their soul is seeking. Awakening of the soul in this three-dimensional reality. To see who they truly are, clean and beautiful without false notions.

“The twin flame relationship is your road to enlightment. What your twin triggers in you, nobody else can.

Even if the twin brings to surface our deepest fears and pains, it never happens for no reason, but because there is more to see and heal within.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says that the divine can only develop within a soul where there is enough room left for it to blossom. Enlightment may only emerge when a state of tabula rasa -also called nothingness or Akin- is attained and lower patterns of relating or habits are released.

This state, when both patterns seem to fall apart, doesn’t actually mean that they will never meet again or be together. It only means that the state of Akin is needed in order to allow both to go further in their spiritual journeys and dive deeper. More of what’s not needed for their future (fears, set of negative beliefs, etc) simply needs to be released.”

“Spiritual awakening is to find love and more love, an intimicy beyond words.”

”We live in a world where judging others is much more common than finding humility to look inward at ourselves and find kindness and compassion for all.

“Life after a spiritual awakening is not how much we do in the world but how much love do within us.”

“Spiritual awakening is discovering a world which its very essence is kindness and compassion.”

“A spiritual awakening is a kind of collapse where someone finally lets go of something, and the truth is revealed.” Bruce Davis

“The basics of life also become very simple as the focus organically moves towards things like unconditional love, truth and integrity. But in awakeking, it also means giving up and letting go of tons of illusions about who you thought you are and what you thought life should be.”

Found this written on one of my journals from a while ago and it inspired me to bring this post. I don’t remember all the authors though.


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