Time To Reflect

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Imagine your own intuition just like the image above, it is like calm waters. It is the crystal clear state of mind. A balanced and harmonious state of mind. Seeing the bigger picture. Allows us to be able to connect the dots. To think lightly. To let judgement aside to observe things from a place of neutrality.

What creates waves of vibration on the image above and below are the things coming from the outside disturbing the calm waters. Creating a blurry state of mind. Another aspect of our brain can also create disturbance to our emotional state and we could call it our Ego. But how can we learn to not let them disturb the calm waters of our mind?

Use your pain for good. Let your most painful feelings guide you. What are they trying to tell you about yourself? What do you need to work on? What is lacking within? For this to work it is important to let go of that feeling that might make you want to be the victim. It keeps us from finding healing. Because it is easier to accept that nothing is under our control when it comes to what we want for ourselves. This is actually a trap. An illusion. Try to confront this feeling if you feel it coming. Try to encourage the knowing that we can choose what to feel. We can choose to write our own story and create the reality we want to feel. We don’t have to accept the role the world gave us during our traumatic experiences. Our Ego exists to protect us, but by trying to protect us in this situation, it is actually preventing us from accessing information that is helpful for our healing process and from truly looking within. Our Ego reminding us constantly that we are held hostage to our fears is not helpful for healing traumatic experiences. It doesn’t allow change and transformation to take place. It only gives us a false notion of safety.

Instead of being stuck in fear, learning to know ourselves is what can make things a lot clearer. This post’s message is about learning how to be in a state of awareness. To be aware of every thought. Of every feeling. Every sign your mind, your spirit and your body is sending you. This is the tool to help guide you through emotions and feelings. Remember this is your compass. Calm your mind and activate the state of awarness if you are not being able to manage your emotions. Trying to control them might not work. It is worth trying something different, instead of ignoring those feelings or trying to distract yourself from them, let them flow. Let the pain come if it wants to come. Let sorrow come if it wants to. You name it. The important thing is to use them as an object of observation. Observe your fears and what they do to you. As if you could detatch from yourself and see yourself from a different perspective. This is useful so that you don’t get too involved by your emotions and thoughts. The Ego.

Emotions, feelings, thoughts and reactions. These are your objects of study. Study yourself. Encourage a sense of curiosity to study your state of mind. Neutrally and passively. Collect as much information as you can. And again, if you can, write them down. It helps to detach from emotions and thoughts that control us. If you detect destructive or negative narratives in your mind, the chances they could be controlling you or having some kind of affect over you is considerable. So externalizing them will make it easier for you to expose them to questioning and reflection later on. Externalizing heavy emotions and thoughts makes us see them from a different perspective. The goal here is to reach the clear state of mind. If there’s a certain negative narrative going on in your mind and you see yourself believing it or letting it drag you down this could mean the mind is not in full clarity state. It is okay if at first you notice that your mind is leaning more towards the clouded state of mind because neutral awareness is something to always keep in practice, like an exercise. Also this is the perfect moment to observe and collect information to work on.

A clear state of mind will feel light, free and in the present moment. A clouded state of mind often feels heavy, it will not feel pleasant, it makes us feel bad and powerless. It might even make you be less in the present moment. This state of mind tends to make us project ourselves back to the past or the future way too much, encouraging us in a negative way to relive all the emotions from it all over again. Creating resentment and regret inside. It can keep you from being aware of things around you but rather focused on what is “negative or wrong”. Being aware of yourself is helpful to identify when a clouded state of mind is approaching. In case you have been encouraging this for too long, because there are moments where we also constantly feed ourselves with some negative narratives, making it harder for us to snap out of it. If we are too used to doing this it might be difficult at first. This is why it is important for us to make a choice to heal and change the cycles we have been repeating over and over. It is time to open our eyes and look within. Not tomorrow, but today.

Choosing to look within may sound scary. But trust yourself and don’t be afraid of what you may find once you look within. Letting fear control us is what should be scary. If you get struck by feeling so overwhelmed, try doing again the exercise of calming your mind and observing yourself from a certain distance, so you can heal one thing at a time. When I had to look within I saw what seemed more like an ocean of issues and traumas, it was overwhelming and tempting to go back to my usual coping mechanisms of avoidance, but I kept in my mind that I would line up all my issues and traumas so I could take care of each one at a time, without looking away pretending they weren’t there. If you look away the ocean will overflow and you will get drowned. Take care of what you can and let the rest waiting for when the time is right. Remember, many of our struggles and issues are connected. If you choose one to heal it may help to heal the next, it can even lead you to the next trauma naturally, so there’s no need to figure everything out. The pain, thoughts and emotions originated from a traumatic situation you have lived in the past are ultimately what is going to be guiding you to understand how and why it has been affecting you in the present moment.

Choose the way to free yourself from the constraints of the human mind and make this place your mind. ❤


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