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The Daughter of the Illusions

In this moment I manifest myself

Deep into the dark forest

Under the powers of a full moon

Candles are lit up to guide their way

I call upon myself

I evoke all the layers of my soul

I invite them to dance with me around the bonfire

Blue flames reaching for the stars

We send wishes and prayers as we sing

We sing for a distant love

We sing for our soul

Because we are witch

We are angel

We are light

We are shadow

From the shadows we are not afraid

In the darkness we learned to survive

The blue fire will now burn what no longer belongs

And from the ashes I will rise

I am the unseen

I am what your eyes choose to see

I am the reflection

I am the daughter of the illusions you know

Them who almost swallowed me whole

Them who imprision humankind

Them who forged me to be what I am

Them who never let me forget what is real

Them who cursed my existence

This night, I am the sacrifice

A wounded heart for lives with freedom

A freedom I once dreamed

For the illusions...

The illusions who taught me how to lift up its poisoning veil

A sacrifice

To set you free.

Trying something a bit “artistical” for the first time here. Hope you like it!

Nida 𝔅. 🖤

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